Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters!

I read the second Percy Jackson book when I was in 5th grade so I hardly remember any of the details but what I do remember is awesome. Since I don’t remember the specifics of the book I’m really debating reading a synopsis or refreshing myself on it because of, well, the movie. I’m so excited to go see it tonight at the 10pm showing I can hardly help myself from jumping off the walls. My dilemma how ever consists of the question of do I want to know what happened in the book and then be able to critique the movie on their differences and similarities? or do I want to just see the movie and enjoy it for what it is and then just think that it’s close to what the book consisted of? I don’t know! 


But I definitely give Sea of Monsters 5+ stars from what I do remember and the whole Percy Jackson series was just incredibly hilarious and fantastic, one of my top ten series hands down.

ImageMore Later!



2 thoughts on “Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters!

    1. I was really dissapointed actually but I didn’t go into the movie with high expectations but even then I was kind of shocked at what the heck was going on on the screen. I thought Annabeth acting was average at best, there wasn’t any of Annabeth’s real qualities from the book portrayed at all through her I thought. I also was super confused at what the whole purpose of raising Kronos in the second book was? And then Annabeth got randomly stabbed and like died and they didnt think to use the Golden Fleece on her till like the last second. Then Kronos like ATE Grover and Luke but when Percy stabbed him and he spontaneously combusted they just fell down and were perfectly fine. Hahah sorry for the rant but I thought Logan Lerman was really good at least! 🙂

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