The Maze Runner Series

Author: James Dashner

Publisher: Random House Children’s Books

Ebook/Hardcover: Ebook

Series/Stand Alone: First in a series

Genre: Action Thriller

Why I read this book: I started it about 2 years ago and then put it down, but when I recently picked up my ereader to read The Fifth Wave I saw it and thought I’d give it another try


The story line throughout The Maze Runner is very fast paced for one thing so you hardly ever feel yourself zoning out because the protagonists description of the town lasted two pages, that was deffinatley not the case. At some points I almost wished there were better descriptions of people and places but it was fine all the same. James Dashner’s writing was nothing special, I think his story line is what really got me hooked. I found that the main character, Thomas, alone wasn’t very intriging but with the help of all the other supporting characters it really excentuated some of the importatn qualities in Thomas. I think that those supporting characters are what really made the story what it was and brought the entire book to life. Some of my personal favorite characters were Newt and Minho, two of the leaders in the Glade who were hilrious even under life threatening pressure. In this book I found a lot of comparisons between these characters and characters from other books. I frequently compared Thomas to Percy Jackson (thinking why is it so difficult for Thomas to kill a Griever when Percy kills some minotaur in the first 20 pages of the first book) I compared Minho to Kenji  from the Shatter Me series because their personalities and humor were very similar and I also saw a little bit of Thresh from The Hunger Games inside Alby because of the things he would sacrifice and his morals, which I really enjoyed. I thought that the name of the organization that put all the boys in the Maze’s name was very in your face saying “we’re bad people” I mean come on, there name is WICKED. And when they began to try and persuade the reader that they wre doing this for the greater good it wasn’t believable in the slightest. Also, Thomas and the rest of the Gladers had their memories wiped before they came into the Glade so the entire book you were constantly in the dark about things going on and you could never get the full picture which at times was very aggravating and sometimes boring. But over all the ending had one of those moments where everything that’s been going on clicks into place and it makes you so excited that I couldn’t not like the book.


More Later!


P.S. The Maze Runner the movie is coming out in February featuring Dylan O’Brian as Thomas, eek! I can’t wait!


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