Vampire Academy

Author: Richelle Mead

Publisher: Razorbill

Ebook/Hardcover: Paperback

Series/Stand Alone: First in a series

Genre: Supernatural/action/romance

Why I read this book: I was bored one day surfing IMDb and I saw the trailer for the MOVIE Vampire Academy and it looked pretty cool so I then put it on my bday wish list and POOF, it appeared.


Vampire Academy is a new take on the whole supernatural vampire world where it doesn’t mainly focus on the vampires, it also takes a lot of time to create what is called the vampires Guardians, which I thought was unique. You always think of Vampires as being these indestructible, immortal, creatures that you definitely don’t want to cross paths with. However, in THIS particular depiction of the vampire realm vampires are fragile and mortal and who depend on their half human half vampire guardians to protect them. The book follows a Guardian named Rose who in my opinion, is a very complex character. She is portrayed as being this party animal, reckless and impulsive teenager but she also has this caring and responsible side which is very much aware of her duty to her vampire. I also admired that Mead made her protagonist out to be a leader and not a victim, because we can all agree that victimized narraters are very annoying to listen to. Rose is an unreliable narrator in the sense that she is very judgmental and sarcastic. At some points throughout the book I found the witty attitude and sarcastic tone to be refreshing and funny, but at other points, annoying and bothersome. The literary work and detail behind this book is nothing special, it is definitely an easy read that I breezed through in a few days. But the plot line is very suspenseful and upbeat, and yes they did have to take an allotted amount of time out of the book to set up the alternate world and society but that’s whats expected in any beginning book in a series to some extent. I overall thought it was a fun book that would be great to bring on an airplane or for a long car ride because it doesn’t take a lot of brain power and intellect to follow along and understand the inner workings of all the characters. This book I would think would be for 13+ and more geared towards the female gender just because it is told from a very feminine girl perspective and has some mature content.


Thanks and hope you enjoyed!



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